About the international Academy Nutrition and Aging


The International Academy Nutrition & Aging contributes to developing :

  • Scientific activities and their industrial applications
  • Informative and training programs about Nutrition and Aging.


  • Nutritional needs of older people
  • Nutritional prevention of pathologies associated with aging
  • Nutrition and longevity
  • Nutrition and quality of aging
  • Malnutrition : causes and consequences
  • Oral and enteral feeding
  • Functional foods
  • Sarcopenia
  • Frailly
  • Nutrition Cognitive decline and Alzheimer.


  • Renowned scientific personalities
  • Industrial business groups directly interested in development of research and applications about Nutrition and Aging.  
  • Executive Committee

M. Morris (Chicago), L. Guiterez (Mexico), J. Fitten (Los Angeles),
C. Chumlea (Dayton), P.J. Garry (Albuquerque), J.E. Morley (Saint-Louis), A.J. Sinclair (Birmingham), A. Salva (Barcelona), B. Vellas (Toulouse), H. Werner (Darmstadt)

  • Operational Committee

Industrial Partners

Scientific Partners

M. Bonnefoy (Pierre Benite), C. Chumlea (Dayton), T. Constans (Tour), H. Dhillon (Malaisia), M. Ferry (Valence), B. Forette (Paris), P.J. Garry (Albuquerque), S. Hersberg (Paris), B. Lesourd (Clermont-Ferrant), O. Moreiras (Madrid), R. Russel (Boston), A.J. Sinclair (Birmingham), D. Tomé (Paris), H. Werner (Darmstadt)

  • General Secretariat:

Rachel Prat

43 chemin Del Prat,


Congress Contact Registration UNM

Office of Continuing Medical Education

MSC09 5370

1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-0001


  • Dispaching of a monthly communique exclusively to the members of the Academy devoted to:
    • Research and nutrition actions : grant proposals, financing, teams involved, work progress and results
    • Strong points of recent publications
    • Significant information coming from meetings and personal contacts.
  • Organising of :
    • A yearly scientific meeting : alternately in the U.S.A. (Albuquerque) and in Europe
    • Workshops on topics chosen by the Operational Committee.
  • Presenting activities of the Academy and of the members in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging
  • Contributing to development of nutrition research :
    • By suggesting research topics
    • By involvement in research programs
    • By awarding prizes to original scientific works about Nutrition and Aging, which produced outstanding contributions in this area.



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